We human beings have the barest of connections with one another at the best of times. It's very easy to lose each other, especially when things are in flux. This is when we sometimes lose those closest to us, not for any one reason or circumstance, but because ultimately we learn there is just no way to take them where we are going; no matter how hard we try; no matter how much we may want them there.

A fact of this life remains that no matter how much people love or care for each other, sometimes there is no "working out" option - we don't always get to stay where we want to be. You and I are trying to stay connected, me without tying you down and without compromising myself, you without hurting me or getting caught up taking advantage of something so easy - I know we'll try our best -but if someday we turn around and we've fallen away, out of touch, out of immediate reach, the very best part of all of this is that we get to move on with all the gifts loving each other has taught us.

I think the best we can hope for in this life is to meet someone who wants to know you, wants to give you that attention; someone who sparks that desire to share what this world is together for awhile - and if you are lucky, make it into something new. Having your friendship and love has helped me in so many ways, has been essential to the person I've become. I like to think that we'll both move on as better, smarter, kinder people - changed in ways we won't even realize until we love the next person and we can fully unwrap the gifts we've given each other. Always know you've made a difference to me.

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submitted 2:16 PM EST
Thursday, March 21, 2013