well I was promised the world, then the Guy of my dreams had blew me off, He went for someone else, he went for a girl that he knew i just couldnt stand, we got into an argument over, that too.

we were the bestes of friends, he was the only true friend i had, I fell in love, and become obsessive, All I wanted was for him to be mine, i didnt realize that i had it all, I did Have Him, as a Perfect Friend, But as stupid as i was i got so angry at him, but now were nothing, we dont talk or hang out

right Now the Only thing in this world that i want is too say that i am TRUELY sorry for acting so awful to have treated him like that, but if I had another chance I would be the best friend he ever had.....but i destroyed that and i feel that I have lost him forever, I love him so much and i would do anything to get him back

but its too late......



the love letter collection