I'm just imagining... & wishing if you were there

This heart is whining inside... has no clue about how 2 help himself... your love keeps me up every night... whenever I walk in the crowd alone... I bow my head and shed a tear.. for your vision is still there.. I feel that u r walking away from me... but suddenly u stop... u turn back... & then you gaze at me & draw a shiny smile on your face 2 dry my tears... 2 tell me that we'll never be apart... yeah yeah we'll never be apart!!!

Late @ night I walk alone in the dark... I look up @ the sky... I see a glaring moon... I see you inside... sending your whispers to heal my wounds... assuring me that I'll follow you soon... yeah yeah I'll follow you soon!!!

As I walk on the beach barefooted... as the fresh breeze plays with my hair softly.. as I hear the sea gull's sounds... As I follow your Footprints... as u take my hand & walk beside me... As I feel your warm touch *squeezing*... as you sustain me with an unspoken language... I raise my head & feel a special new ray of hope... yeah yeah there'll be a new ray of hope!!

why do I feel that you're my angel? why do I feel that you're my only light in this dark room??? why do I need to see your smile & u only brought me pain??? why do I love your name & u just hate mine? why do I always write about you & you never mention that you still care??? why can't I ignore you??? why has everything turned out wrong?

"I LOVE YOU" <- doesn't it mean anything to you???



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