To _____.

A year and a half ago now, in some sadistic way fate made our paths cross. While I came to look up the man I thought I loved (I was overfocused and foolish but not in love), I came to be around you. And because I was so focused on him, somehow your lovely self just passed by me without me paying attention. It's quite like running to catch a train to Brussels, and once you are there realizing you weren't even going to Brussels - you were going to Bruges and you ran by the train to Bruges just before it took off. When you run back, it's gone. And right now, it feels like I missed the last train to Bruges.

For so many reasons so evident to me now, we were made to fit like two pieces of a puzzle. We have felt the same pains, confusions and yearnings in our seperate lives. I can feel your needs, as you felt mine, and I am so confident that I am what you always dreamt of in a woman. Just like you are naturally what I need in a man. Some things feel natural, and this does.

I pray to whatever deity is out there that our paths will cross again, and I get another chance. Maybe next time the circumstances will be a little less ironic and fate will be a little kinder to us. Who knows? It's rarely been kind to either of us so far. So I think it owes us one more chance. Just one, let me see you again, and I will make it right. If I knew how to contact you, I would. And if you would tell me how you need to be loved, I would. So I ask the gods for one more chance - so be it.

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submitted 6:48 PM EST
thursday, august 14, 2008