Tell me how to stop thinking about to stop my eye from looking for your car on the road...explain to me how you just pretend that someone you shared your thoughts and feelings with no longer exsists, explain to me how long is a long time when dealing with time it takes to forget someone,

I drove down the road the other day and all of a sudden felt this urge to wrap my arms around your waist and hug you like we used to when I would see you, it was overwhelming, I could actually feel it... I have no clue how to do this.

God knows I'm trying to forget you everyday...I know you do nothing, I know your bored, I have no clue if you miss me but your a fool if you don't...I know that you will leave and not try to contact me, I know that you think that if you just hit that highway and keep driving that you will be able to leave me behind, it won't hurt you to think about what happened, what you think is your lack of emotion...

your not the tinman, you never were and you don't have to try to be, you cried over me, I heard you...please don't pack your things and file me along with the thoughts that you don't want to think about.

I'll figure out how to live happily, I'll find love again but it won't erase you from my didn't have to marry me, you didn't have to live with me, you just had to say I was worth a try.

I have no idea why I wrote you tonight, just one of those times like I warned you about that would come and I would feel the need to express myself to you, I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. Talk to me.



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