I walked by you yesterday, when you where sitting on the curb, and u asked me for some change.

I'm surprised you didn't recognize me, it wasn't that long since you dumped me for that deadbeat. Its funny really, your life goes to shambles but you've got your head so far up your ass you cant see it, but if you stayed with me my life would suck. Wow.

You tried to push me into doing something, so you could leave your house because you're a spoiled little bitch and thinks she has such a hard home life. If I could go back in time to the point where we met, I'd kick my own ass for giving you a second look. I have a future, you do not, and if you did, you threw it all away, for what? Nothing.

Everything that happend, your car, your job, you getting kicked out, your recent new bad habit, smoking, it makes me laugh, when you where with me, you had some class, you showed you had good taste, but now look at you, a pitiful homeless skank, living with her deadbeat boyfriend, in his cousins house, overstaying your welcome after you where there for ten minutes,

if I didn't hate his cousin as much as you two idiots, I'd feel sorry for him, but I don't, he's just as bad as you two, and its clear now why you have no friends, and as I reply to you, "Yes I have change, but I'm not giving you any of it, you homeless bitch." you realize it was me and in shock watch me walk away.

You had it Coming, and you deserve everything you bring upon your self for what you did to me, and if things could get worse for you, I want them to.



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