a love letter or a loaded gun? a desire to be understood, or a jaded mind fuck? generous with your emotions or very manipulative of mine? or both?

you know how you've set this up: you can easily dismiss anything by saying you didn't say anything - its just music. yes of course, your passive aggressive pattern. just sit back and wonder, will I react and how will I react? wait and see...if you hold power.

backing up - admit that over the last few months you've distanced yourself from me with no explanation. I've tried to understand, and against my desire, I've allowed you to define that space. you had more at stake, at least that's what I chose to believe.

so now, holding me at longer-than-arms-length, you give me this split-personality / emotional rollercoaster. just how did you expect I would take it = you?

yes, I know, it's a complicated world inside your head - I already knew that. isn't it time to face up and actually try to work your mind into a life? believe me, the time for coyness and denial is long gone.

honestly, I think there's something missing from your definitions and your expectations. our relationship probably isn't what you think it was, is, or should be. and believe me, the life you have is big enough to include whatever you make room for.

it's yours, this one life you've been given. do you have the heart to truly live it?



the love letter collection