Welcome to the Love Letter Collection, a collection of anonymous love letters submitted by the public since 2001. The Collection is closed for submissions. Please browse our extensive collection of letters using our search function or by browsing our archive.

SUBMIT Your love can be a fantasy love, unrequited love, impossible love, naive love, hopeful love, frustrated love, obsessed love, new love, old love or lost love. *Submissions are now closed.*

ANONYMITY theirs: Replace names and nicknames with underlined spaces, and remove identifying characteristics, such as places and dates, or they will be removed for you. yours:  The submission form on this site is anonymous. All letters are posted anonymously, regardless of how they are submitted. Identities won't be disclosed, even if they are revealed.

SELECTION The editor will select a group of letters to be published on the main collection page, with a group of runner-up letters published on a second page. The editor will title your letter.

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