Manipulative, lying, BITCH. The most recently ended relationship. Clearly, I can't contain myself to a few words on this cunt, she has torn my heart apart more times that I can count on two hands. Don't be fooled by that girl next-door face. She is an All American Whore.

Can't believe you published this in your last book, that albeit no one has bought nor will, about me with a photo of us included. I get it!! I was not as good as I should have been to you and though you were better to me in the end, you were certainly no saint so don't fool yourself.

In hindsight, I am glad you felt so free to defame me to anyone on the world wide web (as that is the only place your book exists right now) because when my friend told me she saw it online and I looked it up it gave me strength to leave you for good, finally, for the last time.

And then just this spring you send me a message as if nothing ever bad happened between us like we could just pick up on a high note fool ourselves that we were truly in love only for it to blow up a couple months later.

The fact that you would write something so harsh, so demeaning, could only mean that you truly feel that way. And for that I am sorry because I could have and should have been better to you because you truly turned yourself around for me.

This is my first summer without you and though I miss the connection we had and will always think fondly on our past there is no present for us. I cannot speak for the future but I have no eggs in that basket. you are bad for me and you know that I am only a disappointment to you so please don't tempt me bc though I love the color of your eyes, all the laughs that we share, the spontaneity of our days, and the passion of our sex we are not a match made to last. mistresses is all we will ever be.

I love you but I hate you

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submitted 12:20 AM EST
Wednesday, March 14, 2012