Not that I don't love it when you call me beautiful, call me amazing, call me your everything. Not that I don't love it when you search for my approval, you get jealous, you can't see me with another guy.

But, boy, I can't fall for you and you know you can't fall for me. I can't love a boy in a box though my heart yearns. I feel every organ, pore, and gland fill up and throb when I say "I love you," and I do.

But, boy, we are much to far away from each other and never have had the pleasure of

our hands ever gracing,

our eyes ever locking,

our lips ever lacing,

our bodies ever rocking.

So here's to you, boy, the invisible toast of irrationality we share.

I will always love you. Please always be near.

the love letter collection
submitted 11:12 PM EST
Sunday, November 13, 2011