To my unrequited love,

Each time you inadvertently touch my arm in jest or guide me round a bend, my hair stands on end, my palms grow clammy and my stomach flips. Every morning I wait for you to enjoy our ritual of coffee and cigarettes, for you I am but a friend but to me you are a delight and each day I restrain myself from shouting thus. It is inconceivable to me that you could ever love me the way I do you, so I must make do with stolen glances and cautious jostling because however hard it is to see you everyday it is unimaginably worse to think of life without you. Someone (or many people) say(s) to love someone you must first set them free, but you are not mine to let go and so I must endure discussing your latest love, and listen attentively as you recount your joy with careless abandon. I love you now, as I will forever because you are my best friend and my first true love.

If you ever change your mind I'll be waiting, and then we can laugh and love forever.


the love letter collection
submitted 4:51 PM EST
Wednesday, December 10, 2011