Last night I told you that I loved you. I've never said it before and I didn't expect to ever want to but I did, I really did, and I was so happy when you said it first that I did that thing where I don't stop talking which makes people want to slightly suffocate me, for at least 10 minutes. I'm not even sure what love is, even after those creepy definitions we were given in English, some of which weren't even IN English. But i do know that when we're in bed late at night, I wouldn't switch places with anyone in the world. And that sometimes I look at you (usually when you're doing something stupid or funny or annoying) and can't believe that I've got you, can't believe that you're so perfect for me and you're mine. I'm usually pretty lucky anyway, I get what I want, but I have never wanted, or been so happy to have, someone as much as I do with you. So, despite not actually knowing what love is, I do know that I feel it for you with all of my heart. Thank you.

the love letter collection
submitted 2:59 PM EST
Sunday, October 9, 2011