In sudden moments of some days, I stop in the midst of my mundane - the average task of turning off the backyard light triggering a thought that makes me smile: you are mine/I am yours (both need to be said together). It's impossible to return to the task at hand after that, because I know how quietly powerful your love has been. See, I thought once before that I was exactly where I needed to be, but I didn't know then that it was only exactly right for bringing me to you.

This overtaking, these moments that surprise me with their force, the bond we've fashioned out of the strongest material: our faith, the way you show me who I can be by being simply who you are -- all of this explains why my gratitude is unending. We are the most likely of unlikely souls, making a beautiful life any way we can. The universe has thrown a lot our way in such a short amount of time - we've embraced it all and fashioned a world, a life, a home, a family out of every single speck. Nothing wasted, everything gained.

I love you.

the love letter collection
submitted 7:33 PM EST
Wednesday, December 14, 2011