When i got back from work today, I took the keys out of the ignition and the inside of the truck went black. I sat there and thought for a moment how when we used to come back to mine in the evenings, before we got out of the truck, we would always stay and kiss, and it made me sad. I really miss kissing you! Its great being able to talk on the phone and see your beautiful face on skype but all I want is to give you a kiss... and I can't... and its so frustrating!

I would do anything to wake up with your beautiful face next to mine on the pillow in the morning.

I really enjoyed our phone conversation. I can't believe you're just telling me you have free long distance calling and could get free calls from your phone to mine! Oh well, I guess sometimes words are just hard! It would be great to talk to you more often. Maybe give me a text in the morning if you would like to skype.

Right well I'm off to go to sleep in my empty bed : (  Hopefully speak to you tomorrow. Miss you lots!



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submitted 3:29 PM EST
Monday, October 10, 2011