I fell for you so hard it hurt. A constant smile that wouldn't wash away.
You called in the morning. You called at night.
I laughed so loud.
My vision was blurry. In such a daze.
You made me weak. Just looking at you made me weak. Beautiful.
That smile, that smell, your breath. I was addicted.
We waited so long to kiss. We were on your roof. The moment was there. You didn‚t seize it.
Little games.
We were on your couch in the game room. You were lying on top of me. You leaned down, pressed your lips on mine. I melted.
I drove to Tucson for the first time. You made me steak and pasta.
We walked under the streetlights, you were my little photographer.
We got into bed, you kissed me. I let you in.
Heavy breaths of passion. Excitement! What was this feeling I had never felt before?
My first love.
Months go by. I drove to you when you weren‚t busy.
I am happy. You are happy.
Problems arise. We conquer them!
It's December, I‚m on your couch in the game room. My face is wet with tears. We‚re fighting for our love. Over what?
I can't remember. Can you?
You surprised me Christmas morning. You‚re in my doorway breathing hard. I cry I‚m so happy.
Something doesn't feel right.
I'm in a war. I fight against long-distance, architecture and jealousy.
I lose.

the love letter collection
submitted 10:29 PM EST
Tuesday, November 22, 2011