0I am taking an editor's advice to write a Love Letter to you now, before Love is lost.
I begin this heartfelt cause telling you I am a man, but a man with an ocean inside my being. For a season of our life, times of calm and small rippling tides ebb and flow telling our story. Sorrowfully, regretfully, storms rage inside me, control returns, I mourn over the damage those turbulent powerful waves cause.
At times when strong tides surge inside me, you had a way of walking up to me, pressing against me, matching your body to mine, and holding me close. Your lips touch mine and my temperature changes, the waves subside, the clouds clear, and peace resides inside me once more. When I open my eyes I am the man with a calm ocean inside me again. You once knew how to be my calm, to soothe the savage tide, to ease the current of the ocean running inside me.
I write to you now to tell you how I miss that passion between us.
A ghostly whisper echoes in time from people who knew you better than I, warning you've always been the cold shouldered one,  the ornery and tough side you show is the most common, you can be persistently stubborn and rough around the edges.
When Love was new and growing us, I didn't know the true balance of soft and hard inside you. I believe you've learned to hide your softer side more often in life.
I write this Love letter to you confused.
How can this be a "Love Letter", you think?
What was complimentary at all in what I've said?
So I wrench and writhe to share the discomfort in finding myself in our relationship, maybe more normal than we have ever been. Seeing the passion you once shared, your softer side once calmed the oceans inside me, is hidden again, even distant.
The Love Letter is this;
I desire your softer side growing back our relationship, I yearn to feel you walk up to me, press against me, match your body to mine, hold me close, and change my temperature. Love's ocean will rise, fogging our vision, washing us up on a moonlight night sandy beach walk. I dream of a reality once between us.
Was that reality just a dream?
Will this Love turn to a mourning letter of love lost?
I long for your deep Love, I pain for the memory to be a place, a time, a feeling, we can return to. I hope to believe our lips can touch, the passion of Love returns, romance overwhelms fulfillment, and Love's forgiveness eases our relationship. This is the Love Letter I send to you, a memory of desire, a memory of passion, a memory of affection, peace, and an ocean I dream of our Love to become again. I don't want to be crushed by Love lost, so I've sent this Love Letter to you.

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submitted 11:37 PM EST
Wednesday, November 9, 2011