Dearest However:

What would I like to know?
Nothing less than the proportions of flesh between your thoughts.
When time equals our beliefs both time and belief will evaporate
and space will be measured in terms of your eyes in mine.
I have no idea where space finds you tonight.
I haven't the time to believe in our wishes
but we are one as organs of God and obviously in love with
the ephemeral positions of our bodies within bliss.
No doubt we will meet again when bliss can no longer be mistaken for a

We must not take the world very seriously since we both seem to enjoy a
romance without kisses
and can laugh at the poets when they charm us.
You make me remember that life is hollow within us and without us
yet solid in the space inbetween.
I've made of you a picture of caring,
that was easy,
I would like to step closer to grief
and know that you're watching.
As it stands, ours is a relationship between fantasy and Truth.
Regardless of our wishes,
it wills us to be so much more and much less.
But where are you tonight?
We have entrusted locks and keys to one another
and Christmas is looming...
our presents are panting,
the trees are bending with the weight of our ornaments.
I am yours.
You have everything.
All is peace.

the love letter collection
submitted 7:15 PM EST
Wednesday, December 14, 2011