Our love no matter how deep will soon silently sleep
Because this surge of tide is not welcome to the shore
Such intensity is feared,
To be washed away, to be shattered
To be completely lost in the ocean's embrace and never to return again. 

We run, we move as faraway as we can to escape the coming of the tide
We let the mountain high wave pass us by, we watch it happen, imobile
in awe,
We cannot believe that such passion exist, that such love can be directed towards us, 
We watch it fall on the shore, with its desperate height to reach us, from the cliff where we hid, silently we wait.
We watch till it recedes back to where it came from, kissing the shore softly, slowly, it lulls us to sleep.
It is calm once more, in its deep it is building up that intense passion again, but we will never know, if it will rise in our shore again, if  it will continue to look for us, if it is willing to wait for us to surrender to its need.
As we watch from our vantage point,  we all know, that the moment has passed, never to return again.
The ocean is as calm as before, and our life just passed us by.

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Friday, November 11, 2011