My dearest _______,

it is almost 4am, cant seem to fall sleep, I been having you in my thoughts constantly since the very first time that I saw you on the dating site, there was something in you that was different from everybody, it is something that I can't understand,because it wasnt our chemistry at that moment, it was like an explosion waiting to happen.

Then at the very first second that I heard your voice, I felt captivated and indulged by your sweetness and the clear and honest sound of you. Off course my heart was starting to race without any kind of control and the excitement was growing in me and actually started dreaming about that first time that I was going to meet you.

_______, I have to confess that the very first time that I came across you and I was able to look into your eyes, and felt your hug, something inside of me changed instantly and I knew then that I was not going to be able to be away from you, if I would have the chance I would have stayed with you for hours on, your company was refreshing , renewing and clarifying my heart as if I was being reborn at 37, after that day besides a normal life that I have to live, i am always looking forward for briefest of time that I can be sharing life

and experiences with you, you have cured me, my heart and soul belongs to you. I had never knew what was the meaning of loving without restrictions, without limits ,letting my heart race as fast as it can without having the fear of getting hurt. I thank GOD for making me a believer for giving me back faith, hope and YOU, Love you from a place that anybody could ever imagine...

love forever and always


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submitted 3:05 PM EST
Friday, November 18, 2011