We all search for, and few ever find, the one that was meant for them.

How could I stand in your presence when you shined so bright that it illuminated every flaw I had including those I never new existed?

I faltered the night we went out and you stayed with me in your El Camino until my shift at work began the next day.

I do not know what powers kept me from at least kissing you when everything said that was what you wanted me to do.

I did not know how much I was in love with you until I heard you were getting married a few months later, but now how could I tell you how I felt when you were about to embark on this new journey?

Every moment of everyday since that day you have never left my mind. My life has been filled with visions of El Caminos multiple times a day. Then when I think I am free from those visions I will see some part of your name on something to remind me of you whether it be your first or last name. I have hated myself for every breath that you took that I was not beside you. I have hated every sunrise and sunset that we did not share.

Nothing in life felt as magnificent as it could have been without you in my life. I have spent ten years missing the smell of your hair, the touch of your skin and the sound of your voice. When I am alone at night my mind wanders and I think of the travesty I committed and my body aches and trembles due to the pain of missing you. I can not imagine anyone feeling as much pain as I nor would I wish this upon them. Whoever said „It is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.‰ Never felt the excruciating pain of a shattered heart.

Now I have finally received a response from you on a social site and found you to still be the angelic creature you were then. I am no longer afraid to tell you that I love you with all that I am nor do I want to take another breath without you. Please give me the chance to discover you that I was to foolish to take years ago. I will await your answer silently.

the love letter collection
submitted 2:59 PM EST
Monday, October 10, 2011