These words ache at my tongue every time we end a phone call. I feel like a balloon that could pop in any moment. These words just hang over the edge of tongue; dancing behind my lips. I keep them locked away because if I were to say them to you, I would mean them.

I know what you have been through with your previous relationship. And I don't want you to think that I am asking you to rush into building one with me. I just want you to know how these words play over and over again in my head; the same way my favorite songs like to do. I want you to know how I feel these words.

I know that perhaps these words are too much too soon. But the truth is, that these words have always been here within me....playing this sort of waiting game. I feel like all the choices I have made and all the roads I have taken....have led me here, to this very point.

I think that some things do happen for a reason. These words are not easy ones to utter. These words are not easy ones. These words give me goose bumps. These words can actually be quite terrifying for the person  longing to say them.

Our past is a unique one. When at times I wished we were more back then, I am actually kind of thankful that it never escalated; until now. But what is now for you?

For me, these words are more than just words. They're my past and my present. These words I pray, could someday be my future.

the love letter collection
submitted 9:28 PM EST
Monday, November 21, 2011