When we met for dinner, I felt this intense energy as I was hugging and kissing you hello. It felt like I was sending love and comfort from my heart into yours. When you said you felt much better after my greeting, that made my night even better.

I wanted to continue the evening so much. We wouldn't have had to have sex or even take our clothes off, just lie together and hold each other, talk or not talk as we felt like it.

_______, I ache for your touch constantly. I want to rest my head on your broad chest and listen to your heart as I drift off to sleep, then wake up to your beard tickling me and your beautiful hazel eyes crinkling in amusement as I stir and grumble.

I love how we wrapped our arms and legs around each other the last time we were in my bed. I adore being tangled up with you. I also love feeling you spooned behind me holding me like a child holding a beloved stuffed toy, telling me everything will be OK, that I'm safe with you. (Yes, I heard that.) I love when you call me your baby girl and say sweet, tender things under your breath thinking I can't hear you or will assume you're talking in your sleep.

I love you so much.

the love letter collection
submitted 1:21 AM EST
Friday, October 21, 2011