Dear _____,

If I could count the reasons why falling in love with you was wrong, then I would need to include my toes when I do. I never did plan to fall in love with you but honestly who plans it, right? But I never did think that I would, but well, I did fall and I regretted falling.

Maybe it was all me or maybe, just maybe I'm wrong, maybe you had a part on it too. We were in our 4th year in high school and everyone's been hinting that you liked me and being an insecure girl, I never believed them and besides, why would I right? Why would a guy like you, mister popular and all would like a girl like me who everyone barely knows? But you kept on coming to me, sitting beside me during breaks, playing the piano with me during lunch time. Why did you do all those things? Why did you return my pen on the desk with a note saying you're sorry because you knew I got angry? Why did you text me on my birthday and asked me if I could go online cause you wanted me to hear something? ( I didn't go online to my utter most regret) and lastly, why did you right me a letter on our retreat and telling me that you had only 12 papers with you and that those twelve people are the persons you see as special? Why did you have to do all those things and make me fall in love with you? And now, why did you just burn the remaining bridge of what's left of us and left me with the ashes? After you went out for College, I tried to reconnect with you, I even had to swallow my pride and talked to you first but you didn't quite seem interested anymore and then, reality striked me with a slap. What you thought was a just a passing event happened to be long term for me. It was like drinking too much alcohol and waking up with a hang over which lasted for 2 years. I didn't really understand what happened between us. What did happen? Was I the one who changed or you? But despite all the hurts and the question, one memory of you still lingers in my heart.

Remember we were classmates during the 6th grade and like days before the Christmas Party, we had to pick out a paper with a name on it and whoever is that person we picked, we have to give a gift to him or to her? I remember you picked my name and you gave me a dog stuff toy.

I'm very sorry because I lost the dog, and I'm sorry because I lost you as well.

Your burned friend,


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submitted 9:13 AM EST
Thursday, October 6, 2011